"The future of human health will require a society that legally owns, financially benefits from, and comprehends what their data says about them."


Unity Health Score is where 21st century technical innovation meets communities on a grass roots level.

How it works

Unity Health Score, the next generation health and financial wellness service.

Your data says a lot about you, yet corporations have more interaction with it than yourself. While you generate data from everything to emergency hospital stays and smartphone GPS, it generates thousands of dollars in revenue that you see none of. You have no control over who can use your data. Various corporate entities generate analysis data scores that impact your life in even the most sensitive aspects like health insurance price managing.

 Unity Health Score is changing this.

Our health score  measures your chances of recovery potential and mortality potential. Analyzing individual health with precision medicine relayed on a public health analysis to your specific demographic, we map a spectrum of human health segments that learns from every individual. Our health score is designed to decode the mysteries of human health and help us better manage it.

We create a universal basic income from your data, that you control all aspects of. From who's using it to how they're using it, and the future of that as well. It can be put in you families estate or donated to a specific cause for the rest of it's existence.


Who We help


- Giving them autonomy and sovereignty over their data


- Helping them sell their data to cover medical expenses and provide residual income

- Creating a space to negotiate on insurance costs

- Making sure their care team and health plan are all on the same page

- Giving them better access to newer and more innovative treatments


- Giving them a portion of their patients data sales in exchange for helping them authenticate and produce it

- Providing a platform on which all members of a patients care team can communicate

- Faster clinic times with our instant admission and discharge record sharer


- Giving them a small portion of their patients data sales for following our cost margin guidelines

- Giving them an ethical risk assessment service that's entirely transparent and works directly with patients to mitigate risk

- Helping them transition from a risk managing fund distributing focused sector, to a research and development focused industry.


- Giving them a small portion of their research subjects data sales


- Making research more interactive by giving them a transparent data market. Allowing them to request specifics in data without the hassle of buying bulk data from brokers.

- Giving them direct access to patients for generating study participants at no cost

- Outsourcing large scale research to various facilities and specialists offices

- Narrowing the gap between clinical practice and clinic research


Why Us

We create an unparalleled data market with "warm" interactive data. Currently all data is "cold," its not interactive and it leaves data customers hoping the data they buy is accurate. When you buy data from Unity Health Score, each data point represents a person who can answer follow up surveys on their data or go get a diagnostic to vet their data's accuracy. This makes research and development exponentially more efficient.  This reduces variables and windows for error in research, through increasing the utility of data. Our approach to creating a simultaneously organized yet decentralized mass human data-set, is a key component to caring for and augmenting human health. Imagine if one meta-study can be done with all the prior participants from 10 other similar studies. Imagine if you could pinpoint where a disease started and how it developed. Imagine a future where human health is championed and governed by the collective individual versus a representative body.


We're the future ethical data brokerage

     We forefront people at the center of their data by giving them full ownership of it, control of who buys it, and oversight of it's use from the buying party. This gives people incentives to produce consistent data and allows research to be more interactive by having direct access to the patients they're studying. Imagine if data were stored in an organized method that could be navigated by research through different categories. Unity Health Score is making this possible and allowing clinical research to directly engage with clinical practice for a more interactive transparent approach to medical research. We turn cold data into warm data and this transcends into research far beyond even the medical spectrum.




Michael Joyce, Chief Data Scientist  

Mike is data scientist working at DataStatix, a data science consulting firm based in Texas. He previously worked as a Calculus and Statistics Author for Macmillan Learning after a decade teaching Mathematics in the University of Hawaii System, University College Dublin in Ireland, and Simon Fraser University in Canada. He received his Ph.D. in Mathematics, specializing in Operator Theory, from the University of Hawaii in 2015.

Dr. Adam Tabriz, Board Adviser        

Adam is a MD and healthcare consultant with over 26 years experiencing practicing medicine. Adam has practiced medicine on different continents in diverse demographics and consults for highly innovative healthcare company's.



     Elise Barrow, Board Adviser

Elise is an entrepreneur and graduate student specializing in Healthcare Administration and Medical Education. Coming from a background in education, nursing, personal and professional marketing, and fundraising, Elise is focused on supporting Unity Health Score while they build a cohesive brand that addresses provider and patient concerns when dealing with a large amount of personal data. She graduated from the University of Michigan and is currently attending Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine.


Michael Menahem, Chief Finance Officer  

Michael is a finance expert with a Masters in Business Administration. He owns Govbidpro, a finance consulting firm that specializes in government defense grants. Michael has secured funds for multiple organizations from angel seed startup to venture capital levels.


Eliot Kemper, Chief Research Officer  

Eliot is an Operations Consultant for Florida's Department of Health, Bureau of Epidemiology. He has been published in the journal, Landscape Ecology and worked in multiple labs across the east coast, as well as with the Institute for Family Violence Studies. Eliot graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Biological Sciences while currently obtaining a Masters in Science and Technology Policy with Arizona State University.

Steve Karlotski, Chief Marketing Officer    

Steve is a battle-tested marketer.  After graduating with a bachelors in Business Administration he developed sharp sales skills while knocking doors for commissions.  Evolving marketing strategies over time and keeping relevant with modern communication channels.  In 2018 Steve received multiple awards including "Ninja Scaling" for growing a text marketing campaign to five figures in revenue in a single day.

Himanshu Jaiswal, Lead FE Developer      

Himanshu is a UX/UI designer with 9 years experience in mobile app development. He holds a Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology from the Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers. His work has been for leading brands, startups, and charities.




Want to get involved as an individual or group? Let's schedule a free consultation to discuss how Unity Health Score can empower you, your organization, and your community.